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If you want to know more about me then don´t be afraid to ask , i´ll not bite you, promise ;) my mother language isn´t english so please be lenient with me , i try my very best ;D oh and my friends call me a female macho :O hmm don´t know why^^ maybe ´cause i like pin up girls especially with tattoos , say what i like and have no problem to show or say when i´m into someone. Ok that was a little piece of my character.I´m a Singer. Bye the way i love Comic Drawings, Tattoos in every sense and beautiful or atractive People on Pictures. I can´t stand drama queens. I think i´m a nice person..sometimes a little bit crazy. I say what i think and hate lies. I Like to share with other people what i like and i´m very interested in new Stuff.



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